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Fractional Ownership

Are You Dreaming of Owning
Your Own Condo in Myrtle Beach?

Fractional Ownership is the most economical way to purchase a vacation home. Simply put.fractional ownership is partial ownership of a property. This type of ownership is becoming extremely popular with vacation properties and resorts.

To understand fractional ownership, consider that you want to purchase a large, luxurious and expensive oceanfront condo.but that you feel it may be difficult to purchase and maintain on your own. Instead of becoming the sole owner of the condo, you purchase only a share(s) of it. Thus your purchase price is low and you have other fractional owners to share in the cost of maintenance and taxes.


Often, people confuse fractional ownership with timeshare. Both fractional ownership and timeshare are common with vacation and resort type properties. With a timeshare, you are purchasing a specific amount of time to spend at the property, such as 1 or 2 weeks a year. With timeshare you do not actually own any tangible asset - only time. With fractional own the portion of the property you purchase.

Fractional is growing in popularity and desirability because if offers an easy way to own vacation property. With this type of ownership, you have a place to go and enjoy a luxury vacation home, yet are freed from being solely responsible for the property and related expenses. Our management company takes care of everything from upkeep and utilities to taxes and insurance.

Yes, fractional ownership is a wonderful means to enjoy a vacation home without all the hassle and expense. With fractional ownership you are buying deeded property. can gift it or sell it as you wish.



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