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As a leading rental management company in North Myrtle Beach for more than 33 years, CONDO-WORLD has an in-depth understanding of both the challenges and opportunities of working with the major OTAs. Recognizing a need for a marketing channel that caters to professionally managed rentals and resorts, and leveraging our knowledge and experience in the accommodations industry, we created World-Class Destinations by Condo-World to connect our guests with an exclusive group of partners in other popular beach and mountain destinations.

World-Class Destinations by Condo-World

Panama City Beach, FL • Destin, FL • 30A/South Walton, FL
Gatlinburg, TN • Pigeon Forge, TN • Hilton Head, SC • Orlando, FL







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Beach Homes

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• Average Length of Stay: 5 Nights • Average Reservation: $1,436
• Annual Household Income: $75,000 - $100,000

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"Condo-World has been a valued marketing partner and booking channel for Brittain Resorts & Hotels since 2015. Our company's well-established history and presence in the market yields a high percentage of repeat business and therefore allows us to be selective in which OTA channels we distribute to. Condo-World is unique in that they aren't just another online distribution channel - they are a full-service marketing and reservations team that promotes our properties to their extensive audience and books reservations for us through their website and call center. Their reservation agents are very knowledgeable about our properties and policies, which creates a great experience for guests in the booking process. Rates and availability are retrieved through their API connection to our booking engine, and their reservations come into our software just like a regular online booking, providing us with immediate access to the guests' full contact details. For a lower commission than the major OTAs, Condo-World delivers a superior revenue producing channel and is an important part of our distribution strategy."

- Patrick Norton, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Brittain Resorts & Hotels

"Sterling Resorts has a decades-long history of utilizing channel marketing as part of our rental strategy. We have worked with the established industry leaders, all regional partners, as well as most distribution channel managers. Condo-World stands apart from all of these companies in competency, effectiveness, and innovation. Condo-World is first and foremost a vacation rental management company, so there was an in-depth knowledge and understanding of our business that is ignored or overlooked by other channels. They had an appreciation for the many aspects we deal with before and after the booking. Their marketing is exceptionally professional and destination-centric rather than self-promoting. Their call center and guest services act as an extension of our team, knowledgeable in our policies and attentive to the goal of a flawlessly executed vacation. Their representation of our properties exceeds our highest standards, demonstrating a value to our homeowners that we are proud to showcase as part of our rental management package. And lastly they deliver quality bookings and did so from day one! Bookings spread across all of our rentals, not just the most popular. Bookings in all seasons, not just peak time frames. Bookings with guests from a large geographic footprint, not just our existing drive markets. Our Condo-World partnership has been a success and we hope to see this channel continue to grow exponentially because it is a truly mutually beneficial relationship."

- Matt Raab, Director of E-Commerce, Sterling Resorts

"Our association with Condo-World has been very rewarding. Their marketing has effectively driven bookings at alower cost than the traditional OTAs, during all times of the year, not just the peak season. In my opinion, their experience as a vacation rental business has allowed them to enter the OTA market with a program that is easily workable and profitable for their partners. We look forward to continued success with Condo-World as a marketing partner for South Bay Inn & Suites."

- Raymond Harter, Regional Director, Buchanan Group Resorts

"Inside and out, Condo-World has delivered a more quality alternative to other major OTA's while helping drive sales for all size units at Sandy Beach Resort. Their staff has actual knowledge of the building, our policies and are able to provide personal service to our guests. Condo-World has continued to help us drive occupancy year after year!"

- Jacob Smith, President, Sandy Beach Resort

"As one of the first vacation rental companies on the Grand Strand, Dunes Realty’s well-established brand and large audience has enabled us to remain one of the very few agencies nationwide that doesn’t rely on OTAs for bookings. I would consider our arrangement with Condo-World to be a very non-traditional partnership. They have figured out a mutually beneficial way of bringing together different types of rental inventory to serve a wide ranging demand from their guests. After receiving a lot of interest for beach homes on the South Strand, they asked if we would be interested in working together to fulfill those requests. Even though they are technically a competitor of ours, their managed inventory is limited to North Myrtle Beach, so we didn’t see a conflict of interest. They also market very differently than we do and can reach guests to whom we might not have otherwise had access. We are very pleased with the experience we've had working with Condo-World and would recommend them to other companies looking to reach new guests."

- Ryan Swaim, General Manager, Dunes Realty

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